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Why we need 3 plumbers

Do you have maintenance contractors on your books should my property need work ?

Absolutely ! actually I have three for each trade. Here is why.

The reason behind that is because we have, for example, three plumbers that we like to use who are all wonderful, but one of them is a lot cheaper when it comes to just little leaking tap jobs, one gives us better prices for hot water systems, and the other one gives us a much better price for blocked drains caused by tree roots because they've got all the equipment. So we choose the plumber for the job.

Same with electricians. We have an electrician that is cheaper for rewire jobs, and then I've got an electrician that is cheaper for the little smaller ones, and the smaller jobs tend to be done by sort of one man bands. And that's why it's good to have a selection of different trades in each department.

Same with photographers. We've got a couple of photographers. For example, I have one that is $90, and one that is $140, and the difference would be if the owner only plans just to rent out the home for a short time, the $90 ones are really good and certainly solve the need to have professional photography for advertising. But the $140 option, he's got a little bit more of a creative side, and with that creativity, the photos can also be used really well for future advertising but also if the owner was thinking of putting the property on the rental and on the sales market in the next sort of five years. Then he's got those really good creative shots as well, which is good for when you're selling a property.

It also helps us keep our contractors accountable and ensures that we are working in the best interest of our clients at all times.

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