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Why do landlords still get nervous about pets?

Fortunately WA Landlords still get the choice if they would like to accept pets in their rental properties, but some other states have lost the ability to choose. There is talk that WA will follow with this legislation change soon.

Why do they still get nervous when most damage in rental properties is caused by humans?

It comes down to the experience they have had or heard and so when I get landlords still try the "I don't want pets" routine, I stress to them that in the last 20 years, I have only ever had one "pet" incident and that involved a cat who urinated in the same corner of a lounge room for many years. The tenant vacated and the smell would not come out despite a few carpet cleans and deodorising of the area. Turns out the urine got in to the concrete slab and so it turned in to a nightmare.

Apart from that, I have had no other concerns with pets and every owner should consider them because there are so many factors to take on board....the size, type, age of the pet and of course the rental reference for that pet and the family.

The benefits of accepting a tenant that has a pet, in my opinion, far out ways the negatives. Tenants with pets are likely to be more long term and settle into a property a lot easier and more likely to treat the property like their own.

So next time you are worried about pets in your property, ask your property manager exactly their experience with pet damage and be open to considering them based on an application instead of dismissing the idea straight away.

Ashleigh Goochild - - 0416 352 679

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