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Top Challenges BDM's face in 2021

I have really enjoyed my recent podcasts with BDM's. The guests have been honest and real with their roles and positions and from that, the industry can learn so much.

I know for me personally, I have recognised that these high performers are really structured with their BDM work. They are consistently doing the following:

Regular flyers to their neighbourhood

Phone calls

Networking events

I have not been doing any of the above, I have been focused on my social media platforms bringing me in leads, and it does, however, I did feel like there was a lot of opportunity being missed by not doing the traditional methods. So this month I am starting back with letterbox flyers and networking calls.

I feel that we are going to be faced with some challenges though, the good long term BDM's will be fine, they have a history that has been built in a CRM. The newbies though could struggle, and with a lack of investors entering in to the Perth market, a load of rental properties selling and property management departments struggling, it is going to be hard for them to maintain their KPI's to build the business and many agencies are now choosing to buy rent rolls to grow them instead of growing organically.

Will we see more of a HYBRID BDM in 2022 ??? What do you think that would look like ?

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