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Warm prospecting in BDM through Personal Branding

I will be honest with you. I have never been a cold prospector. You won't catch me cold calling or fighting for the business. I couldn't think of anything worse.

Trainers tell you to call 50 prospects a day. Have a work flow so that they get a follow up call and email and letter. You work that prospect till you have given them no other option but to sign with you. I would rather cut off my left arm.

So I had to work out a way to BDM but without losing the arm, so I took a different method, and I know many BDM's who work the same way.

How do you get the people to call you ? Well I will start and say, it is a long term game. Don't expect results quickly. BUT.....when you start getting the calls, life is sweet and business booms.

My tips are:

- Connect with everyone ! Anyone that has had any contact with you and make sure your portals feed directly in to your CRM to make it easier. Make sure you have them on your Linkedin too (this is my preferred platform for new business)

- Educate - I do this through videos and blogs. I then publish these through Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, my personal websites ( and IGTV. I try to post 5 times a week, so my prospects are not only seeing me regularly, they are really getting to know me through video and seeing my face. I will also use this content to email a newsletter to the database.

- Be helpful, provide prospects with update CMA's. Help sales agents with their investor packs. Do a free audit for landlords.

Eventually you will be the person that comes to the front of the mind when they need a property manager. They will already feel like they know you and so your conversion rate when you meet them will much higher.

To listen to some more tips on lead generation for BDMs then check out my podcasts on Spotify - PM Collective.


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