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When your job becomes about the value you bring in to the company

When your experience as a property manager is transferred into value and not the hours you work.

Speaking to an industry colleague, I remember some talk about them working their ass off, being on a good salary but having some other property managers talk about what they actually do for their "money". As a department manager or business owner sometimes it is not always visible to other staff members what actually gets done. Especially when you have property managers who work with you are run off their feet dealing with crap and the chaos the job can bring.

Guess what, us business owners and department managers, we are employed or earn our money for the value we bring to the business and it is no longer about the hours we put in. See, it makes no difference if we work 10 hours a week or 60 hours a can not put a figure on value. The value is an invisible currency in a business that is not always visible until that person is no longer in the business. And for the fortunate ones, it is recognised and rewarded while you are still working in the business.

It is a little bit like the mentality of working ON the business and not IN the business. It is hard to actually see how different people work ON the business. For me, as I write this article I am sitting in a local cafe waiting for my pilates class to start. I use this short 45 minutes I have free to work on the business and our branding which includes blogs, newsletters and social media. To the uneducated person, it could be assumed that I am fluffing around having coffee in cafes and not working. In fact, this work I am doing is more important than actual day to day property management work which I have staff to do.

So I will finish with this inspiration...

"We won't be distracted by comparison if we are captivated by purpose"

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