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What can I do if I have problem neighbours ??

What are the neighbours like ???

A question that is asked quite often with renters and buyers, but truth be told, you really never know until you move in. However, this is a really important thing to consider when looking for your new home, and what happens if you get it wrong and you have a problem with them ?? What next ?

True story - We had an upmarket apartment in the Perth CBD and some lovely elderly tenants who lived in the property for about 6 months, neighbours were fine until a new person moved on to the same floor. He was recently divorced, in a high level career and he went through a midlife crisis and on a drug bender and ended up terrorising our tenants and other residents with an axe through their front door ! This didn't happen that long ago and what a horrible experience for anyone to have to go through. So it does happen and there are more stories where that came from but most commonly they are about noise, music or dogs barking.....once I even had a complaint about the neighbour weeing directly into the toilet and not down the sides of the toilet bowl during the night which was resulting in him losing sleep....another true story !!

Here are some tips:

  1. Document the times and dates that the "nuisance" is happening.

  2. Follow your local council guidelines with regards to restrictions on noise. These can normally be found on their website. A reasonable amount of noise is allowed during certain times of the day and week.

  3. Advise your local council, property manager or strata manager to get advice on next steps to resolve your concerns.

It is also important to remember that there are times where neighbours do have parties or times where there is noise. I would be a bit more relaxed if it is a once off and when it becomes more consistent behaviour then start following these above tips.

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