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"Mum, why don't we have snacks in the cupboard ?"

This week it is Perth’s turn to be in a Covid Lockdown. You either love it or hate it !”

Fortunately for me, I am enjoying it, I was already in the swing of school holidays so tapping on an extra week was a bonus, and I have actually enjoyed working from home guilt free.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot going on, 6 kids under one roof that apparently need to be fed a few times a day, and then the endless questions like ”mum, why is the butter soft”, “mum, why don’t we have snacks in the cupboard”

Truth is, I am smarter then they are and I knew perfectly well that if the lunch box treats were in plain sight in the pantry, that they would be gone within about 8 minutes so I elected to keep a box of hidden treats in my wardrobe. It is day 3 and they still haven’t worked out where those little bags of mini oreos came from for morning tea.

So in between keeping small humans and the man of the house alive and fed I have managed to do a pretty darn good job of getting my “TO DO” list sorted.

Think about it, a property managers day is normally made up of about 50% admin work and 50% outside work. Currently we are unable to do any outside work so we have quite a bit of extra time to fill. Here are some ideas of what you could do:

- Prep some blogs for your social media and Linkedin. If you are stuck for ideas check out and it will pump out a whole heap of ideas !

- Schedule in social media, play around with Canva and create a few posts like google reviews etc so that you have lots of posts pre-prepared.

- Update any managing authorities that are due for renewal

- Check tenants that have been on periodic tenancies for rent increase opportunities

- Do a website and social media audit to make sure your links are working

- Update your “about me” page on your website, reiwa and profiles

- Follow up new management opportunities

- Create educational videos for landlords and tenants

- Call landlords and tenants to check in with them

- Call your colleagues in the industry to say hi

- Listen to podcasts while laying in bed (technically you are still working)

The timing of this lockdown really is a blessing. It’s the start of the year, so take time to do a big clean up and audit all your stuff as we know that as soon as we get back in to the office and with the emergency period coming to an end, real estate is going to involve long days, a bit of stress and some bloody hard work !

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