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Are my apps crap ?

Fun Fact! - Property managers regularly utilise an average of FIFTEEN apps!

Someone asked me how many apps I use a while back - turns out I had more than I thought I did and I suspect likewise for most property managers.

Our industry is ever-changing, with new technologies designed to make our jobs, and lives, more manageable. But, do they?

To ensure we're getting the most out of our apps we should really be conducting a tech audit every 6-12 months. Questions to ask include:

  1. Are there any apps which overlap and do the same functions?

  2. Are we using at least 80% of the app's functionality?

  3. Is the app time-saving and, in turn, cost-effective?

It certainly pays to audit your apps with the input of industry peers. As a member of the Perth Property Management Institute, we annually monitor the programs we use at our round table meetings to ensure they are efficient, and still the best available in the market.

So while most of us are using several apps for different purposes, we should definitely not be using 15!

When was the last time your agency reviewed your apps?

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